My #1 Driving Secret: Always Look Ahead

One of the first things I’d teach to my driving students was to look further ahead while driving. I wish more driving schools would focus on this. People don’t mean to, but it’s natural human instinct to look directly at the vehicle in front of us or right at the pavement lines. This is especially true during turns and cornering. These habits are tough to break and most people never realize they are doing it! So just how far ahead should you look when driving?

How to get the right seat position in a new car

I bought a new car recently with lots of seat adjustment options, but I can’t seem to get my seating position right. Can you help me out with any tips?

That's the question I heard from a student at one of my favorite driving schools in Brooklyn.

Many of us don't think once, let alone twice, about our posture while driving. While an incorrect posture may have a small impact for infrequent drivers, it can take a substantial toll on those who regularly commute or drive for a living.

Become a good driver

Do you believe that you’re a good driver?

Yes, you can. But there's no substitute for a good driving school that teaches you everything you need to know.

When you're behind the wheel, do you always make smart and safe decisions? When it comes to driving, chances are that everyone could stand to improve their skills — in one capacity or another.

4 Ways To Become A Better Driver When You Are Still Learning

Over the past few months, I've been able to improve my driving skills.

In fact, I call myself one of the best drivers. True. My friends still come to me asking me how I perfected driving in a very short time.

Well, it lies in knowing just 4 simple things.

I applaud my driving instructors at my driving school in Brooklyn for telling me everything I need to know. I also relied heavily on these 4 secrets to becoming an expert driver.